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On the air again, just can't wait to get on the air again...

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Well, it has been a rough couple of weeks here in SWMO...2 stations on and 2 stations off...does anyone else ever wonder why they bother? Is it to satisfy some sick urge to broadcast? Or, is it to provide otherwise non-existant services to those who listen? It seems that when I get two or three up and going, one is down for whatever reason...anyone else ever struggle with this? I thought the hardest part would be programming content...

Does anyone care?

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I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but I really have something bothering me...everybody seems to not really care about the proposed "sequester" due to start tonight at midnight...the news covers "expect delays at the airports" and "expect fewer services at national parks" but no one seems to care that cuts to DOD and DOJ may cause bigger problems than a few inconveniences...for example, in the last week alone, there were two murders at two different Federal it time we did less in the "danger and security" business, but fund increases in the IRS (944 million), FCC (350 m

At what point is it an antenna?

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I know I'm the annoying new guy to, but I have a probably stupid question...If I'm winding a piece of PVC with wire to make a loading "coil" for my Part 15 AM station, and I have 200 feet of wire on there, but it is only 3.5 feet "high" is it "legal" or do I even add it in to the "height" or is it just a loading coil? I'm really confused on EXACTLY what constitutes an antenna and a "coil." As usual, any help would be GREATLY appreciated...

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