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KDSX 2007-2014 RIP

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due to constant threats received from emails about my part 15 radio station, ham radio cars driving around my neighbourhood very luciously and finally tumour free... and also affilating with a full power fm radio station...

i decidied to shut down KDSX for good... our last day on the air was november 15, 2014 and with the last song was It's so hard to say goodbye by boyz 2 men and saying "this was kdsx" i signed off the station at 10:00 pm on the dot...

update from kdsx personal and radio statements

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heres an update, equipment upgrade is 99% complete, still waiting on the am and fm transmitters, the automation system and radio antenna for the eas receiver. some of you guys are friends on my facebook and seen the updated studio pictures... i am going to put them on the kdsx facebook page, i gave my sucessful other part 15 to my friend kelly and hes going to a half simulcast of kdsx and their programming on B101. now just waiting to find a music network and a talk network to allow a part 15 station to be apart of as well... every-things going good for the station and;

getting back to normal (new streaming address and new equipment)

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things are somewhat getting back to normal, streaming computer and online kdsx streaming is fixed. equipment will be here in a few months (taking longer than usual, im might tell yall on here what i got i dont know just yet, uhh i might)

heres the new streaming address

seems to work a lot better than the old address.

also kcat the lpfm im working on is really progressing, all we have to do is fundraise and file the lpfm license and construction permit.


need some part 15 and part 73 low power advice

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i need some advice regarding my new LPFM and my original part 15, should i both keep them going or ditch 1 and keep the other going... because im in on my final negoations on my LPFM i will co-own and operate with my work and i dont know what to do with KDSX now, i guess i can do KCAT weekdays and KDSX weekends both stay on air 7 days a week... i just dont know yet. some advice would be nice...