Part 15 AM Coverage - High vs. Low Carrier Frequency

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A NEC4.2 analysis shows this, for the system described:

  • 2.8-meter, Base-fed, Base-loaded, Vertical Monopole
  • Monopole Base Elevation = 0.2 meters above the Earth
  • R-F Ground = 16 Buried Radials, 3 meters in length (each)
  • Radial Common Point Concentric with Vertical Axis of Monopole
  • Earth Conductivity = 5 mS/m, d.c. 13 (about average)
  • Applied R-F Power at Loading Coil Input = 80 mW, unmodulated

At 1650 kHz...

Musopen Telford April 14, 2017 Update.

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Bits and pieces: I drove up Rt. 309 to see the doctor again yesterday. That gave me a chance to check on that new station on 1620 KHz. It's still a loop, but, they have a call sign now, and, are stating that they are a joint operation of Quakertown Boro, and, it's school district. They are also starting to carry local event info, and, promising further development of the station. They seem to have upped the power a bit, now rendering part 15 operator WNAR unlistenable all the way from Mile marker 25, on North to Quakertown.

I miss broadcasting

I truly miss having a signal on the air at 1620 AM, now that we are on the last week of March the pressure is on to get this house packed up and ready to move out of Salems lot.*

How the hell did we accumulate so much un needed clutter? Holy smokes! Ok Barry, take it one room at a time, one box at a time, just take it sl--- SCREW IT !! BURN IT ALL IN THE YARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol