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As background, I'm the  IT guy at the InfoAge Museum in Wall Township, New Jersey USA.  I'm helping out the team from the Computer Deconstruction Lab build a podcast studio.

I'll toss out the social media links in case anyone is interested in taking a look, feel free to ask questions about what we are trying to do.

Computer Deconstruction Lab at InfoAge

1200 AM BBR

Blue Bucket Radio is back on the air at 1200 kHz with limited range.

Currently the SStran is pumping out heavy metal on 1200 kHz on an indoor antenna due to the unpredictable weather we have here in Kentucky.

Range is of course limited to about 150 to 200 feet around my property, the antenna is a wire that is too long to mount vertically, so it strung up the wall and across the ceiling. It's limited in range, but it IS on the air.

FCC §15.223 - AM Carrier Current Systems (1705 kHz to 10 MHz)

Below is a post I made in another thread here on Pt15us.  However the subject of that thread would make it hard to locate for anyone searching for information on this topic.  This re-post to my blog should be easier to find.


Post Audio Clip & Player on Part15us

I think I remember posts here including an audio player console loaded with an audio clip that plays with a single click.

How is that done, please?

99 cent Fm Wireless Microphones

My wife and I love to shop the thrift stores and we are always on the look out for something unusual or useful.

This month we walked away with two vintage Realistic Fm Wireless Microphones for the sweet price of 99 cents each!
These are the tiny but bulky lapel microphones Radio Shack sold back in the 90's for $19.95 and I never bought one because I couldn't get past the heaviness of this microphone as a lapel mic.


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